Data Grid Add-On component for Xcelsius 2008!

As many of you know, by using Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex you can build your own custom components for Xcelsius 2008. Rich Heilman of recently wrote a post on his encounter with Xcelsius SDK and Adobe flex. In the process he managed to build an enhanced list view component. Many of you might be wondering “Why do you need another List View component, if it is a part of the out of box repository of Xcelsius 2008”? Well, the question is if it does everything you like it to do?

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Introducing the Xcelsius Web Intelligence Integration Suite

In this post, Mark Hudson from Antivia, introduces us to the new Xcelsius Add-On: “ Xcelsius Web Intelligence Integration Suite”

As David Lai mentioned in his recent comparison of Xcelsius with QlikView, one of the issues with Xcelsius is how difficult it is to get enterprise data into it. As a long-standing Business Objects Technology Partner we saw an opportunity to fix this very problem with the power of the add-on component SDK released with Xcelsius 2008. The result is the Xcelsius Web Intelligence Integration Suite (XWIS) which offers a new, simpler, interactive approach.
XWIS provides Xcelsius components which know how to connect to Web Intelligence and allows you to deliver drillable data grids in Xcelsius that work directly with your existing Web Intelligence reports and drill paths, providing a true Web Intelligence experience (drill-down and slice-and-dice) but inside Xcelsius and without having to write a single formula in your Xcelsius spreadsheet.

The XWIS components allow dashboard users to decide for themselves how much information they wish to view and also how they want to view it—cross-tab, tabular, tree view—all are fully drillable on any of the dimensions the user selects (see screenshot below).

Slice and Dice Panel in Design & Cross Tab

Slice and Dice Panel in Design & Cross TabSlice and Dice Panel in Design & Cross Tab

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Sample Size Calculator – Continuous Data

In this Post, Greg Wayne, showcases one of his utilities built using Xcelsius 4.5.

This is a basic utility to estimate sample size for continuous data, e.g., cycle time, pressures, weights, and their continuous measures. Enter in your population size and estimated standard deviation and press calculate.

Click on the image for the Interactive SWF (Scroll down to the bottom of the post to download the source files)


Simulating Web Search Functionality – Xcelsius Pro 4.5

In this Post, Greg Wayne, an IT Measurement Analyst at Sallie Mae and an Xcelsius 4.5 Expert, shows us how to Simulate Web Search Functionality in Xcelsius Pro 4.5.

In this example I will show how we can use simple components in Xcelsius to simulate Web Search Functionality. This is actually extremely easy to do, but a little tricky to explain. If you have any trouble following the instructions feel free to email me.

It’s Interactive (Scroll down to the bottom of the post to download the source files)

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Xcelsius SP1 Fix Pack 2 is Out!

Clip Art Graphic of a Desktop Computer Cartoon Character

Yes, it is. A long list of issues have been addressed and resolved. Thanks to the Gurus at Everything Xcelsius to spread the word. Click here for the links to download.