Quick Demo: The Xcelsius WebI Integration Tool from Antivia

In this video, Mark Hudson from Antivia, introduces us to the new Xcelsius Add-On: ” Xcelsius Web Intelligence Integration Suite”

Working with Excel 2007 (xlsx) files on an Excel 2003 Machine

In order to work with Excel 2007 (xlsx) files on an Excel 2003 installed machine, you need to have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Office 2007 installed on your machine. Click on the Download button at the end of this post to get the file.

Note: If you try to open any Excel 2007 file using Excel 2003, Excel prompts you to Download the compatibility pack. Please note that this prompt does not appear if you double click on the file to open, instead you have to open a session of Excel and then do a File>Open in order to get the Prompt.

Double Clik:


File Open:



Connecting Crystal Reports Data to Xcelsius Charts

In this video (from Archives), learn how to connect Crystal Reports data to Xcelsius 4.5 charts.

Click here for the Video

Xcelsius Fix Pack 3 is Available!

Clip Art Graphic of a Desktop Computer Cartoon CharacterA small list of issues have been fixed in the latest Fix Pack for Xcelsius. Make sure you have Xcelsius 2008 SP1 installed before applying Fix Pack 3. I hope it resolve issues in your existing models. To verify successful installation, make sure the version and build numbers are as follows after installing the Fix Pack.

  1. Install Fix Pack 3
  2. Open Xcelsius
  3. Go to Help>About Xcelsius…

The Xcelsius Version should be and the Build Number should be 12,1,3,495

Click here to Download

Reduce the Size of your XLF and SWF Files

If you are working on Large XLF files, your SWF load time might drastically increase due the number of components used and the Excel Logic that you have implemented. In order to reduce the size of your XLF file and eventually the generated SWF file, you can follow the below mentioned steps. Please note that these steps might not work always.

Many of you must have noticed the unusual increase in size of the XLF file when you save the file multiple times. This is not an issue with Xcelsius; however it is an issue with Excel. Follow the below steps to make your Xcelsius Model light.

Note: Make sure that you perform these steps within the Embedded Excel sheet in design mode. Also note that we take no responsibility of any data loss, hence after each step save different versions of the file.

After each step check the file size by right clicking and selecting the Properties option.

Do the following to ALL Worksheets.

  1. Select any single cell then push F5, click Special and check the “Blanks” option and click Ok.
  2. Now go to Edit>Clear>All.
  3. Manually go to the last used row in the Worksheet (do not use Edit>Go to-Special “Last Cell”).
  4. Select the entire row beneath, then holding down the Ctrl+Shift key push the Down Arrow.
  5. This should select all unused rows. Now go to Edit>Clear>All. Do the same for the Columns.
  6. Click SAVE twice.

Hope this helps reduce the file Size by few KBs and reduce the Load time by few Seconds.