Mobile Supported Components: Dashboards SP05

As most of you already know that Dashboards SP05 comes with “Export to Mobile” option (HTML5), what is not widely known is the fact that not all existing components will be available to make use of this feature. The product team has worked on some of the most commonly used components and made them available for the initial version. I’m sure the rest of the components will join this list in the future releases. This is a great start towards a common interface/platform strategy.

Here is the list of components that are available starting Dashboards 4.0 SP05 to create mobile based dashboards (HTML5) that can be rendered on iOS platform.

Important Notes

  • Currently only supports Query Panel based connectivity to BW, HANA and 3rd Party relational data . Web Services support planned for 2013
  • Only works when published to the BI platform and viewed on SAP Business Objects Mobile for iPad Version 4.4
  • Supports only the “Nova” theme
  • No support for Maps and Add-Ons
  • Export to mobile for iOS mobile BI client. Note that this is not export to HTML5 so the dashboard can only be consumed via the mobile BI client. (HTML5 output is available if using Design Studio)
  • Android & WinMobile clients support planned for 2013

An easy way to find out what is compatible is to switch to “Mobile Only” view in the Components panel. An additional “Mobile Compatibility” panel is available for debugging.



Mobile Supported Dashboard Components

Charts Containers Connectivity Components Art
Column Chart
Bar Chart
Pie Chart
Line Chart
Combination Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Column Chart
Tab Set
Canvas Container
Component Groups
Via Query Panel
Relational sources (Universe)
BW (BEx queries)
HANA (Universe)
URL Button
Image Component
Combo Box
Push Button
Toggle Button
Label Based Menu
Check Box
Radio Button
List View
Progress Bar
Input Text
Input Text Area
Nova theme

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