Video: Sneak Peek “XWIS Anywhere”

Xcelsius and Web Intelligence on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Who said Xcelsius cannot render properly on Mobile devices? Here is a video from Antivia, demonstrating Xcelsius and Web Intelligence reports on an Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tablet.


Video after the jump


  1. XWIS Anywhere, from Antivia, is an Android/PC application that allows you to view Xcelsius and Web Intelligence content (Online and Offline) “ANYWHERE”. That is on your PC, Android powered Tablets and Mobile phones. Sorry, no iDevices 🙂
  2. Xcelsius running natively on the Android device:  The dashboards shown in the demo were built for PC viewing, however they render just fine on the Tablet.
  3. The ability to perform slice and dice analysis (Similar to the PC version of XWIS)
  4. Break down busy dashboards using the “Mobile View” feature so that the individual blocks render perfectly on small screens
  5. Connect to BOBJ Server and view Web Intelligence reports directly in XWIS Anywhere
  6. Pin reports to take them offline (Saves a cached versions)
  7. Pinch and Zoom 🙂

Innovative solution for Mobile devices. Can’t wait to see it in production.