How to export to HTML5 locally in SAP Dashboards

SP05 was kind of a milestone upgrade to SAP Dashboards. One of the most prominent and my personal favorite is the ability to export the dashboard to HTML5. However there is a small caveat to this. You can not export the HTML5 version locally to your computer, that is, you can only export it to a BOE server and then access it using the SAP Mobile BI app for iOS and Android on Tablets. Although there is no straight forward procedure to export the HTML5 version locally, here is a little trick that will allow you to do that.

1. Preview the dashboard in Mobile mode. Make sure to leave it in preview mode until you finish steps 2 and 3


2. Navigate to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp

3. Search for dashboard.html. The folder name typically starts with the letters “js”. In my case it is “jsEE71”


4. Copy the entire folder to the desired location

5. Launch the dashboard.html file

Voila. And if you are well versed with HTML5, you might want to play with the code and incorporate some cool tricks of your own outside of SAP Dashboards. If you do so, use the comments section to share it with the user community.

Note: The Mobile export to BOE server currently supports data connections created using the native Query Panel. This type of export will not retain those connections. Thanks Gb!