Xcelsius Fix Pack 3.2 Released and ready for download!

Xcelsius SP3 FP 3.2Yes, it’s out there to download. You need to have either Xcelsius SP3 or SP3 FP3.1 already installed on your client machine before installing Fix Pack 3.2. Also, a word of caution while downloading the Fix Pack, make sure you download the correct version. When you go to the downloads page you will find 2 variants:

  1. Xcelsius Present 2008 Fix Pack 3.2, for Xcelsius Present version
  2. Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 Fix Pack 3.2 for Engage and Enterprise versions.

Please use the following instructions to download Xcelsius Fix Pack 3.2:

  1. Click here to launch the downloads page
  2. Click on “Get Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports Server, and Xcelsius downloads”
  3. Select Xcelsius, 2008 and Hot Fix and click search
  4. Click to download the appropriate Service Pack

Once installed, the version number should change from ( if SP3) to

What’s fixed and Release documents are now available for download. We have just installed it and will be testing during the next few days. We will try our best to give you our first impressions in the subsequent posts. Subscribe now and you will never miss it.

  • Hans

    Sorry, but on this side no 3.2 download for Xcelsius Present to been seen.

    Can you provide a direct link?


  • PF

    Hi Kalyan,
    Did you know anything about the working of embedded swf files in powerpoint in combination with Adobe Flash 10.1? As far as I know the ppt didn’t work anymore. They worked fine in adobe flash 10.0.
    I hoped a new hotfix could solve this problem.

  • Fred

    Release notes are from FP 3.1, not 3.2

  • Fred

    Canvas Container is which was introduced in SP3 is now no longer available in FP 3.2.

    • Well, I do see it in my list of components after the upgrade.

  • Jeff

    Long time Xcelsius user but hadn’t tried in past 18 months.

    Bought the 2008 Package.

    1. Tried to install but error said my Office 2010 was Live version.

    2. Installed Desktop Office 2010 – error said I need 2007.

    3. I tried the web work around – registry edits, etc… caved in got 2007.

    4. Still get errors.

    5. Found talk of the Service Packs and Fix Packs – downloaded all – everyone
    fails to unzip with error near end “CRC failed in package\langs\it\CrystalReports…msp Unexpected end of archive.

    6. Try to contact SAP support – have you seen how many websites they have – the store, the product, the support – all different user logons?? Certainly no help.

    7. I have spent about 6 hours on this now – there is a point you thrown in the towel.