Data Grid Add-On component for Xcelsius 2008!

As many of you know, by using Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex you can build your own custom components for Xcelsius 2008. Rich Heilman of recently wrote a post on his encounter with Xcelsius SDK and Adobe flex. In the process he managed to build an enhanced list view component. Many of you might be wondering “Why do you need another List View component, if it is a part of the out of box repository of Xcelsius 2008”? Well, the question is if it does everything you like it to do?

Rich and his team realized that the out of box List View component is no good according to their requirements. They’ve created their own list builder and were generous enough to share it with the rest of the world. Read the complete article here.

Download the How to guide and the XLX files here.

Disclaimer from the author:

This is NOT an official SAP development, hence the reason why it is released via SDN, and not the service market place.  Of course, this also means that it is not supported by SAP Global Support either, so don’t try it.

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