MS Excel

Interactive Candlestick Charting with Xcelsius

Do you need to display stock information in an interactive SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard model? This post shows how to do just that. With as little as two components – the Candlestick Chart and a List Box – you can create and deliver an hour-by-hour and interactive display of stock performance for a selected day. Download […]

Working with Excel 2007 (xlsx) files on an Excel 2003 Machine

In order to work with Excel 2007 (xlsx) files on an Excel 2003 installed machine, you need to have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Office 2007 installed on your machine. Click on the Download button at the end of this post to get the file. Note: If you try to open any Excel 2007 […]

Drill Down to More Detailed Charts using Excel Lookups and Xcelsius Chart Drill Down

In this Post Jim Brogden explains how to link multiple charts to a single drill down using Excel Lookups and Xcelsius 2008 chart drill down feature. Use the Drill Down feature in combination with Excel logic to pass information from one chart to many others. Its Interactive Click here to see the Blown up version. […]

Real Time Fuel Gauge Dashboard using Excel Web Query

In one of the earlier posts about “Historical stock quote Price using Web Query and MS Excel 2003” I wrote about the use of Excel Web Queries to create Live Excel utilities. There was a great response to the post. So, I decided to explore Web Queries and built some more with the same methods. […]

Historical stock quote Price using Web Query and MS Excel 2003

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful”. That’s how the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett makes money. In the midst of economic crisis, most of you who maintain a portfolio or want to take advantage of the drop in points by buying stocks, there might be a question at […]