MS Excel

Xcelsius 2008 issue: “Problem Accessing Excel: Exiting”

Problem: Off late Xcelsius 2008 users were complaining about an issue which does not allow them to launch the application. The system returns with the Dialog box which says “Problem Accessing Excel: Exiting”. Below is a Screenshot of the same: This issue occurs when Xcelsius is not shut down properly. Sometimes Xcelsius does not respond for a […]

List of Microsoft Excel functions supported in Xcelsius 2008

Xcelsius uses MS Excel as a base to create Interactive Dashboards. Xcelsius does not support all the functions available in MS Excel. I have put together the list of MS Excel functions that are supported by Xcelsius 2008. This list can also be found in Xcelsius User’s Guide. Following is the List. Download Excel File […]

Does Crystal Xcelsius support Excel pivot tables?

No, currently, Crystal Xcelsius does not allow Xcelsius-generated .SWF (Shockwave Flash) files to have pivot table functionality. Xcelsius does allow you to import Microsoft Excel files that have pivot table data and use that data. For example, you can import an Excel workbook that has pivot tables and use a Table Selector component to visualize the range of cells that is […]

“Excel is busy” or “Server Busy” in Crystal Xcelsius.

In November 2007 i posted an article on this error. Lot of users, including me, had a tough time resolving this issue. While browsing through one of the forums i bumped into this thread. Though of posting it and sharing. Looks like the resolution is pretty simple. Uninstalling Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 caused […]

“Office Xp application” error while installing or upgrading to Xcelsius 2008

Issue: While installing or Upgrading to Xcelsius 2008, the installation halts at the beginning with the follwing error message: