Xcelsius 2008 issue: “Problem Accessing Excel: Exiting”

Problem: Off late Xcelsius 2008 users were complaining about an issue which does not allow them to launch the application. The system returns with the Dialog box which says “Problem Accessing Excel: Exiting”. Below is a Screenshot of the same:

This issue occurs when Xcelsius is not shut down properly. Sometimes Xcelsius does not respond for a long time and then autmatically shuts down. In such scenario, when you try to launch the application again, it gives you the above error.

Fix: Open the Task Manager window and Kill all the Excel Processes running. Then try launching the application. Voila. 🙂

User Submitted Fix:

This Fix was submitted by  Ali Kashif:

  • Go to program files and find “Microsoft Office” usually found at C:\Program Files\
  • Right click on “Microsoft Office” and select security Tab.
  • Go to “Edit Security” and “Add” permission for “Every one” with full control

I know that is bit risky to allow every one full control to my office application. but i just tried and it worked .

I am not sure if steps for winXP SP3 are same or not.

Hope this helps.