Do not change Excel sheet names in Xcelsius design mode

Xcelsius error when changing sheet names in Xcelsius 2008 design mode.

Xcelsius 2008 Workshop in Dallas, TX

You don’t want to miss this! Xcelsius heavyweights, Loren Abdulezer (Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices) and Mike Alexander (Crystal Xcelsius For Dummies), are in Dallas, TX and will be conducting a 2 day Xcelsius Workshop. They will be covering a wide array of topics from Basics to Live Connectivity. If you are new to the […]

Straight from Xcelsius Best Practices: Flash Security

If you are encountering issues while opening a local SWF or a SWF hosted on a web server, make sure the Flash Player security settings are set accordingly. Below are the instructions on how to change the Flash Player security settings. Note: This information is from the White Paper “Xcelsius 2008 General Best Practices” written […]

“The InfoObject plugin “CrystalEnterprise.XCelsius” is not installed properly”

You receive the error “The InfoObject plugin “CrystalEnterprise.Xcelsius” is not installed properly” when trying to publish an Xcelsius doc to the Business Objects Enterprise Server. You will get this error when the Web Services are not installed. Install the appropriate web services from the following location:

“Server is Busy” or “Protected” error in Xcelsius

Although not that frequent with Xeclsius 2008, this error is still bothering some Xcelsius 4.5 users. Excel Add-Ins might be a possible cause for this issue. Add-In files might launch multiple instances of Excel which might be conflicting with Xcelsius. Before deleting the Add-In XLA files or fiddling with the registry, I would recommend you […]