SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4 Cookbook Giveaway!

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Cookbook

I’m very proud to announce that SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Cookbook is officially available.  For the past year, Xavier Hacking and I together with Packt Publishing have carefully compiled over 90 recipes on transforming your data into highly effective dashboards.

We cover the ins and outs of using the Dashboard Design components, connecting to different data sources, as well as providing examples on how to use many of the top Xcelsius Addons.  Each recipe contains easy to follow step by step instructions and screenshots on accomplishing each task.  In addition, XLF example source files are also included for every recipe to make sure users are following the recipes correctly.

To kick things off, we are having a Twitter contest where we will be randomly drawing 2 winners on Monday July 25, 2011

To join all you need to do is send out a tweet with a link to the SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Cookbook page.

The easiest way is to tweet by clicking on this link! or you can use the share buttons from the PacktPub SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Cookbook page

Retweeting other tweets is also allowed and there are no limits to how many tweets you can tweet!

Good luck everyone!


  • rajen

    Hi David

    Looked at the contents of the book via Amazon. Looks very good and I may get it.

    But apart from promoting it via the competition, update the recommended reading widget on the right on this website. It looks like it will become as essential read as the other books.

  • Nirav

    Resp. Admin

    I am working on creating dashboard on top of Crystal report by using Live Office connectivity. In my crystal report there is one prompt but in xcelsius I am not getting the prompt value for filtering like we get in webi report. And as you know when we set the prompt value there is a option like “choose excel data range” under it there is option like append parameter it is not enable in my live office so please can you tell me how I can enable it or how I can get the prompt for crystal report. I have attached my screenshot for disabled option of prompt setting.