Importing a Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 file into Xcelsius 2008

Xcelsius supports the ability to import a visualization created with Xcelsius
4.5. This import ability lets Xcelsius 4.5 customers upgrade their existing
visualizations to take advantage of the new features of Xcelsius 2008. Backup
your current XLF, JPEG, and external SWF files before upgrading your

Xcelsius 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 files cannot be imported into Xcelsius 2008.
To use these files in Xcelsius 2008 you must first import them into Xcelsius
4.5, then import the files into Xcelsius 2008.

To import your existing visualizations, start Xcelsius 2008 and select File >
Open. Select the XLF that you would like to import and click Open. Xcelsius
2008 will detect that the XLF is an older visualization and warn you that it is
going to import the visualization into Xcelsius 2008, and that this may result
in certain features not functioning.

After you import and save your visualization with Xcelsius 2008, the
visualization cannot be opened using an earlier version of Xcelsius.
Xcelsius 2008 minimizes the impact of migrating visualizations from Xcelsius
4.5. However, it is possible that some of your visualizations, or more
specifically, some components, will look slightly different from the original

The following are some of the most frequently encountered changes:

  • The size of some components is different. In most cases the size
    difference is a matter of a few pixels.
  • Due to art improvements, some custom colors appear to be slightly
  • The Spreadsheet Table component differs in size and formatting.

In the event of formatting differences in your components, bring up the
Properties panel for the component and re-bind any properties that are tied
to the cells in the spreadsheet.