“Office Xp application” error while installing or upgrading to Xcelsius 2008

Issue: While installing or Upgrading to Xcelsius 2008, the installation halts at the beginning with the follwing error message:

Reason: Xcelsius 2008 requires MS Office XP or higer edition to install and run. This is one of the system requirements.

Resolution: Check the MS Office version on your machine. If its Office 2002 or lower, upgrade to Office Xp or higher edition.

Although Xcelsius 4.5 worked fine with your current configuration, there is no guarantee that the same configuration works with Xcelsius 2008. The system requirements for Xcelsius 2008 is different. The major one being MS Office edition. Below table shows the system requirements for both Xcelsius 2008 and Xcelsius 4.5.

If the issue still persists. Please contact Business Objects Support. You can also search the Business Objects Board or the Diamond Community

  • Oren

    I’m thinking this runs deeper than that, because I have the same problem and my Office is 2007.

  • bill

    Office XP=Office 2002 so this doesn’t make any sense

  • ChrisM

    I used Process Mon from the MS website and tracked the installer and the registry keys it was querying.

    I added to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office a new entry


    Then a new string entry

    Name: Path
    Value: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office10\

    And that did the trick… I am running Windows 7 64bit so that is why I think I have Wow6432Node, so if you are running a 32bit version of windows the location of the keys maybe slightly different, but should work.

    • Vitor

      Hi ChrisM,

      I have the same issue when I try to install on my Windows 7 pc.

      I’ve tryed to follow your post however could not find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office. What is this?


  • Bhikhu

    Need Help !!!!

    I am using Xcelsius Enggaged 2008 SP3 (tral Version).

    i have made sample dashboard, already i have exported dashbord into powerpoint, but i am not able to get the preview.

    i don’t know why ?? even i have already installed Flash player 10 latest ver.

    any one help me !

  • Siddharth Yeleswarapu

    The error for the above mentioned issue can be rectified by using a small trick.Just Install Insted ( A Software to modify the way a setup{.exe/.msi} files execute, Once you are done with the installation, Go to the setup file in the Xcelsius Folder and then delete the lines where it asks to check for the MS Office Applications Installed…. and then save it and make a copy of the original prior to the changes.This way, we can fix and run the Xcelsius Installation Seamlessly.This information is from a reliable source.