Video: Ticker component in Crystal Xcelsius

The Ticker component provides a way to display horizontally scrolling text in your models. Tickers may be familiar as they are frequently used in television news programs. Unlike television, however, Xcelsius models are interactive, and as such, the Ticker component can also be used as a Selector. For example, a Ticker being used to display news headlines could be configured to display the entire story when any one of the headlines is selected. The Ticker has a unique scrolling text visualization, but it has all of the behavior of a menu component. With each selection that is made, data corresponding to that selection is inserted into a range in the spreadsheet. The ticker can be used to provide unique navigation or drill-down functionality to your models. This is only available in the Designer version if you are using version 4.5.

Using the Ticker in conjunction with the URL Link button can open a specific web page. The ticker will push a URL into a cell that the URL link button is watching. This same cell is the trigger cell (on any change) for the URL link button. On the Ticker, select one more blank cell than the number of labels you have. Enable Ignore End Blanks for the Ticker and set this last label as your default selection. When the model loads, a blank cell will be pushed into the URL/trigger cell and nothing will happen since it has not changed. Upon clicking a Ticker label, the URL Link button will be triggered.


I put together a small video. A lot of noise around me when i recorded this video, hence no audio. Will update it soon.