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Disappearing Tool Tips in Xcelsius 2008

Here is a slick trick to create Disappearing Tool Tips in Xcelsius.

Calender Component in Xcelsius 2008

In this video, learn how to use the calendar component in Xcelsius 2008 to add additional functionality to your dashboards.

Do not change Excel sheet names in Xcelsius design mode

Xcelsius error when changing sheet names in Xcelsius 2008 design mode.

Manage Add Ons in Xcelsius 2008

Using Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex, you can create custom components for Xcelsius 2008. Here is a short video on How to manage add ons in Xcelsius 2008.

Trend Analyzer Component in Xcelsius 2008

The Trend Analyzer combines data analysis and visualization. The component analyzes the data selection and provides an additional data series that can be plotted to display a trend line.