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Using Crystal Xcelsius with SQL Server Reporting Services & SharePoint

Learn how to get started with Connecting your Xcelsius Dashboards to SQL Server Reporting Services and Deploying on SharePoint.

Introduction to Crystal Xcelsius

Get introduced to Xcelsius with this informative Video. This is the first video of MyXcelsius.Com Videos. This Video is from BusinessObjects.

Simulating Tool Tip functionality in Xcelsius

Often Dashboard design requirements demand functionality that does not come as a Out of box solution in Xcelsius. One such example is a tool tip. However, developers find their alternatives with the existing components and their properties. In this example I will show how we can use simple components in Xcelsius to simulate Tool Tip […]

Video: Ticker component in Crystal Xcelsius

The Ticker component provides a way to display horizontally scrolling text in your models. Tickers may be familiar as they are frequently used in television news programs. Unlike television, however, Xcelsius models are interactive, and as such, the Ticker component can also be used as a Selector. For example, a Ticker being used to display […]