Simulating Tool Tip functionality in Xcelsius

Often Dashboard design requirements demand functionality that does not come as a Out of box solution in Xcelsius. One such example is a tool tip. However, developers find their alternatives with the existing components and their properties. In this example I will show how we can use simple components in Xcelsius to simulate Tool Tip functionality. Some of you will be amazed to see how easy it is to do this.

I always have a hard time explaining tricks. I always fear that I might miss something important. Hence these days I’m creating videos for everything. Check the Videos page for previous videos. Below is what I’ve achieved. Hover over the word “Crystal Xcelsius” in bold to see the Tool Tip.

Download Source Files:


It’s Interactive:



  • Simulating Tool Tip functionality in Xcelsius

  • The video doesn’t play for me. IE follow the link to the swf file but nothing ever plays. Any ideas?

    I can’t run the Trend Analyer video either.

    • @Tim:
      Make sure that you have Flash Player installed on your machine. Install from:

      I tested the videos in IE and Firefox. Works fine. What browser are you using?

      Kalyan Verma

  • Deb

    This is a test comment to answer your reply to my email where I said I got errors trying to comment on your site. Let’s see if this works.

  • Patrick Schommer

    Thanks for the tip! Very helpful.