Xcelsius Web 2.0 components add-on!

Are you a Web 2.0 addict and an Xcelsius Developer at the same time? Your Prayers have been answered.  BusinessObjects labs has released an Xcelsius Add-On component pack with 6 new components. Although its a prototype, fresh out of labs and cannot be used on production environments, I think it will be a great add-on for the developers to Play with and get used to it before they are launched in the next release or hot fix. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now. After the initial smoke tests, I found that the components are still sluggish and taking a lot of resources. Not many options in the properties tab. Waiting to see the production version. I will be doing a thorough testing of these new boys and will be posting a video series on videos page soon. Watch out. Below are the components: (You can download the ZIP file from BO Labs website)

Tag Cloud:

You must have seen tag clouds on various blogs. A tag cloud (or word cloud) is a set of related tags with corresponding weights. The weights are represented using font sizes. This is a great add-on for visual representation of data.

It’s Interactive: (Takes some time to load, please be patient) | Click here for a full blown version

3D Slide show: (Click here for a full blown version)

Displays static images on an interactive images wall; moving from one to the other with customizable 3D effect.

It’s Interactive:

Spring Graph: (Click here for a full blown version)

This component displays a graph of objects that are linked to each other. This visualization helps to explore data by the connections from one piece of information to another. It also can be used as a mind map.

It’s Interactive:

Task Chart: (Click here for a full blown version)

This component illustrates the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and its progression. This component has 3 levels of zoom and it can display the percentage of completion for each task.

It’s Interactive:

Timeline: (Click here for a full blown version)

This component illustrates date and period on a defined timeline. The timeline combines the time dimension with facts in order to best distribute the fact horizontally and vertically. A timeline scrollbar helps you to navigate to the right time period; you can also scroll by dragging the timeline wall content using the mouse, and finally you can define the zoom directly from the property sheet.

It’s Interactive:

Google Spreadsheet Data Connector: (Video demo coming soon)

This new data connector allows Xcelsius dashboard to communicate directly with Google Spreadsheet web application. You can build dashboard using data stored in your Google Spreadsheet and then dashboard refresh itself by getting the latest changes made to the Google Spreadsheet.