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Xcelsius “Location Intelligence Component” from MapInfo

Xcelsius Custom Components are surely attracting the big players now. One among them is MapInfo. MapInfo recently announced the release of a Custom Component for Xcelsius 2008. ““Adding location intelligence to our business intelligence dashboard empowers users with a more detailed, comprehensive view of location-based information,”. “By integrating the Pitney Bowes MapInfo LIC with Xcelsius, […]

Video: Trend Analyzer: Combining Data Analysis and Visualization

Often many components in Xcelsius are not used to their full potential. This may be because of the generic business requirements or lack of developers knowledge on the components repository in Xcelsius 2008. One such component is the Trend Analyzer. The Trend Analyzer combines data analysis and visualization. The component analyzes the data selection and […]

How to show trends in Xcelsius Dashboards?

A simple way to show trends for specific Metrics or KPIs is to display an arrow or a color combination. Xcelsius Trend component does both in one go. Below is an interactive xcelsius swf model which displays the trends of a metric for four regions. The dashboard is interactive, enter the target value and change […]

Video: Ticker component in Crystal Xcelsius

The Ticker component provides a way to display horizontally scrolling text in your models. Tickers may be familiar as they are frequently used in television news programs. Unlike television, however, Xcelsius models are interactive, and as such, the Ticker component can also be used as a Selector. For example, a Ticker being used to display […]