Xcelsius on a Macintosh (MAC)?

Xcelsius on Macintosh

The implementation and functionality of Microsoft Excel running on a Mac is quite different from Excel running on a Windows machine. Since Xcelsius uses MS Excel to build dashboards, at this point in time it is not possible to build Dashboards using Xcelsius on a Mac machine . There are no immediate plans to port Crystal Xcelsius to the Mac platform.

If you already have data in the form of Mac Excel, you can copy the file over to a windows based machine and build dashboards using Xcelsius. All the SWF files generated using Xcelsius can be viewed on a Mac Machine.

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Quick…Qlear…Qool is what they say.

Qlikview is an Integrated Dashboard and Analysis solution. Still exploring this tool. Just downloaded the trial version and will be posting few articles. Also trying to get some authors to write about it soon. They have a pretty good “What is Qlikview” page.

Welcome to MyXcelsius

Thank you for visiting my new blog. Im sure most of you must have come from my wordpress.com blog. In the next few weeks i will be busy building the “look and feel” of this blog and once i finalize on the final theme and style i will start posting. I have great plans for this blog and would like to share with you all in my next post. Till then happy dashboarding :-).


Kalyan Verma (on behalf of the Homer guy ;-))

Check your Local Weather with this Live Xcelsius Utility

Xcelsius Utility SeriesA simple utility to check the Local Weather in your area. Just enter the Zip Code and click on the Show Me! button. The data is driven by a simple webservice, which is responsible for live feeds. This tool is built using Crystal Xcelsisus 2008.

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