Xcelsius on a Macintosh (MAC)?

Xcelsius on Macintosh

The implementation and functionality of Microsoft Excel running on a Mac is quite different from Excel running on a Windows machine. Since Xcelsius uses MS Excel to build dashboards, at this point in time it is not possible to build Dashboards using Xcelsius on a Mac machine . There are no immediate plans to port Crystal Xcelsius to the Mac platform.

If you already have data in the form of Mac Excel, you can copy the file over to a windows based machine and build dashboards using Xcelsius. All the SWF files generated using Xcelsius can be viewed on a Mac Machine.

You will need to create SWF files using Xcelsius on a Windows-based computer. You can run the applications/models that are created using Crystal Xcelsius on a Mac but will still need a Windows-based computer to create the content.

So you are stubborn, like me and still want to run Xcelsius on your Mac. The only option at this moment would be to use Virtual PC on your Mac and have Windows 2000+ and Office 2000+ (for Windows) installed on your Mac. You can use VMware to do that. For additional info on Mac Windows integration go to Macwindows. If you have any additional questions, please contact Business Objects, an SAP Company.

  • meric

    What if you need to make a dashboard for each of 1000 employees? On a mac you can use Automator to record mouse clicks and keyboard output so you can repeat them 1000 times, but on a windows, no such functionality exists. Not even scripting batch files will help you with repeatedly making dashboatds crystal xcelsius… so dozens of hours will be spent on it every single year.

    • Chris


      Did you resolve this issue… we have just released a system that resolves this problem without having to create dozens of individual dashboards (for the Market Research industry)… if you are still struggling please let me know.

      • meric


        What system is that? I was working for a client, just noticed that was what they had to do. I’ll forward the info to him, I think he’ll still find it useful.

        (Following the tradition of a 1 year reply time; Actually James’ message triggered the email just now.)

  • meric

    I’ll be interested in hearing replies but forgot to click the checkbox “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”.

  • Darwin Fuel

    Saludos estoy realizando pruebas para adquirir Cristal xcelsius present, pero tengo inconvenientes ya que en la Empresa trabajamos con Mac y Pc s, pero las presentaciones en power ponit en word o pdf no es posible visualizar en las Mac, hay alguna forma o alguna herramienta que hay que bajar para visualizar estos archivos en Mac, les agradeceria mucho por su ayuda, ya que es el unico tropiezo que tengo para que me aprueben la licencia del software,


    Darwin Fuel

    • Translated by Admin:
      “Greetings I am conducting tests to acquire Crystal Xcelsius present, but I have drawbacks that the company works with Mac and PC s, but the presentations in power in word or pdf Poniter not be displayed on the Mac, there is some way or some tool that need to download to view these files on a Mac, I would appreciate very much for your help, since it is the only stumbling block I have to pass me the software license”

  • James

    Hi, slightly different problem, but still MAC related. Have created a dashbaord for a client that dynamically accesses image files & external PPT files stored on a Windows server. However, some staff have MACs – so am having issues setting up drive paths/mapped drives for them to access the external image files. Is there a way for them to automatically authenticate, or it be necessary to do so each time they try to connect??
    Many thanks in advance.