Xcelsius 101: Changing the look of a chart

Hi Everyone,
Here’s some Xcelsius 101 on changing the look of a chart so that things don’t look so plain. Great for people who just need a reference 🙂 I’ve written some step by step instructions on changing a chart from it’s default look to something more attractive.

1. Add your chart and bind the necessary data

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Are you experiencing slow load times with an Xcelsius dashboard?

I recently spent many hours working on an Xcelsius dashboard that became increasingly frustrating because of loading issues. The dashboard contained 100+ components but the data in the Excel portion of the document was not complex and the row count was small. What could be causing this issue? My deadline was approaching and I needed to do whatever work necessary to buy valuable seconds. Where should I look to find the greatest time saving improvements?

From my experience, if a dashboard doesn’t load within 5 seconds, users become frustrated. There are however exceptions to this rule. There are certain situations when a 15 or even 30 second load times are acceptable. These situations are generally at clients with very complex data and a large number of calculations in the dashboard. These types of dashboards may take 15-30 seconds to load but they also deliver valuable and extensive information. But no-matter who the audience, every step must be taken to improve performance and create the “Best possible user experience”. Continue reading →

One of MyXcelsius’ Own Competes in Reportapalooza!

Check out how 5 of the leading SAP Crystal product specialists measure-up when competing in a design challenge using SAP Crystal Dashboard/Presentation Design (formerly Xcelsius). 5 experts were selected to compete in SAP’s first ever virtual reality show called, “Reportapalooza – a festival of reporting and dashboard challenges“.


Reportapalooza - A Festival of Reporting and Dashboard Challenges

Starting Monday August 6th, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favorite custom SAP Crystal Dashboard/Presentation Design.

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Exclusive: Creating a Multi Select Combo-Box using Xcelsius SDK

One of the most frequently-requested features in Xcelsius is the ability to select multiple items from a standard control, such as the Xcelsius Combo Box. This is currently not possible out of the box in Xcelsius 2008, though by applying the SDK and creating a custom Flex component, we can quickly fill in this basic gap.

Multi Select Combo Box in Xcelsius

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SAP InsideTrack 2010 Vancouver Dashboard Essentials

SAP InsideTrack 2010 Vancouver

We are only 3 weeks away and it would be great to see everyone who is local to Vancouver register for Vancouver’s very first local SAP Inside Track Wednesday Sept 15, 2010!

I’ve been given the great opportunity to represent Xcelsius Gurus Network and present on SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (Xcelsius).

I’ll be presenting the following topics and have a thorough Questions and Answer period.

  • Why are dashboards used and what are the benefits?
  • Dashboard Design and Best Practices
  • Dashboard Connectivity – Enterprise and Non Enterprise
  • Xcelsius best practices with the designer and internal spreadsheet
  • Xcelsius Tips and Tricks
  • Xcelsius resources

For more information on the event and how to register please visit the event WIKI at