Exclusive: Creating a Multi Select Combo-Box using Xcelsius SDK

One of the most frequently-requested features in Xcelsius is the ability to select multiple items from a standard control, such as the Xcelsius Combo Box. This is currently not possible out of the box in Xcelsius 2008, though by applying the SDK and creating a custom Flex component, we can quickly fill in this basic gap.

Multi Select Combo Box in Xcelsius

This is the first post in a short series, focused on extending combo box functionality in Xcelsius. If you are new to the SDK, this is a functional and basic example that can serve as a primer to get you going on the SDK. The component itself is certainly nothing revolutionary, though it does illustrate how the SDK can be applied to fill in feature gaps in a relatively short amount of time.
You can find all of the source code and Xcelsius files here. The zip file includes all Flex source code, the Xcelsius Packager, the Xcelsius add-on installer, as well as a test Xcelsius Model.

This version of the component enables you to:

  1. Change its color
  2. Bind to a range of cells for the source data
  3. Bind to a range of cells to capture the items selected from the combo box

To use the multiple-select functionality, simply hold down the CTRL key while you select items.
If you any have special feature(s) you’d like to see in this control, please post a comment and they will be considered for the next release.

Download Source Files

Evan DeLodder is an Xcelsius SDK Guru on the popular website Everything Xcelsius, an SAP author and a frequent contributor to the growing Xcelsius development community. You can learn more about him on the SAP website or on EverythingXcelsius.com.

  • Fred

    Yes Jim, a scroll bar does show up based on if the number of available options is more than the max number of values.

  • IARB

    I think it is great to have te possibility to select mutiple items. Still a “ALL” function, showing the whole data range would e nice.

    • Muhammad Shafiq

      All Function in combo box what criteria we follow through Excel Sheet in Dashboard

  • Crazyj0202

    I have an idea that would tremendously help out my organization.  I want to create an add on to pull the windows ID (or called NTID) and put it in a destination cell.  Does this sound doable?  Any advice?

  • Meetsaiat

    This is what i was scratching my head upon Thanks a lot Dude..

    Can u advice me on the process of installing this i currently run Xcelsius 2008 SP5

  • Srikanth Guna

    I am trying to build the swf file from your Source Files using Flex 4.6 Compiler but the swf file doesn’t get generated..It even doesn’t throw any error Except for below warning – “This compilation unit did not have a factoryClass specified in Frame metadata to
    load the configured runtime shared libraries. To compile without runtime shared
    libraries either set the -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries option to true or
    remove the -runtime-shared-libraries option”
    Please help on this Issue ??

  • Muhammad Shafiq

    Source file not working plz send me .xlf file of All labels selection in Combobox at email— m_shafiq08@yahoo.com

  • Arun Krishna

    I was looking for this feature. Unfortuanately the xlf file is not supported in Dashboard 4.0 SP6. Please let me know if you have an updated source files.