Check your Local Weather with this Live Xcelsius Utility

Xcelsius Utility SeriesA simple utility to check the Local Weather in your area. Just enter the Zip Code and click on the Show Me! button. The data is driven by a simple webservice, which is responsible for live feeds. This tool is built using Crystal Xcelsisus 2008.

Note: This utility currently accepts only a few Zip Codes, please dont be disappointed if it does not return any data sometimes. Im In a process of adding all the Zip Codes to the Web Service. For now try major cities.

Unfortunately I don’t have the source file for the webservice version. However you can download the XML version of the same from below:

  • jladen

    Please give us a few zip codes that work.

  • These work 90310, 90610, 90620 and more I’m sure.

  • Kalyan Verma

    Yeah i fixed this one. I used a Webservice for the earlier version, but this one uses as RSS feed from Yahoo Weather. So all zipcodes that work on Yahooweather should work here. Thanks Hiran, for trying it out.

    • Mayank Jain

      Hi Kalyan,
      The zip codes starting from 0 will not work for some reason; I did the same using one of the weather WSDL but the 0 problem is not solved, although I said the format of cell to be read as number; I know this is very old but if you have any idea on this

  • lelandwsmith

    Can I see the source for this example? This is an excellent
    example for me to model from.

    Thank you.

  • Kalyan Verma

    Sure. Check your email. Thanks

  • Robert Mullins

    This was a great example, and your help with the source file was invaluable.

    Again, thank you for all your help on this. I look forward to seeing more of your work on here.

  • Radha


    Can I get the source of this example ? This is very informative for me to get going .


  • Kalyan Verma

    @ Radha:

    Whats your E-mail address?

  • Bilat Lai

    Excellent sample, would love to see the code, could you please email it

  • Sunil

    Hi Kalyan,

    this looks kool..Please can you provide source file to me


  • Jenny


    Love the blog, keep it up!

    Can you send the source for this, I’m confused about the RSS feed connectivity?


  • Guru


    Can i get the source file. I would like to check out the RSS feed connectivity.


  • JerryJ

    Hi Kalyan,

    Could you send me this webservice source file ? It will be a great help for me. Thanks, My email

  • Rajani

    Hi this is an excellent example can I see the source code. This is very useful for my work.

  • Leonid


    Can i get the source file.
    I would like to learn how to use webservices in Xcelsius.



  • rushi

    Hi Kalyan,
    Can I please get the source file. Appreciate your help.
    Kind Regards,

  • @ Rushi:

    Click on the Download Button at the end of the Post to Download the Source Files.

  • savitha

    Itz really nice one. could you please send me the source files?

  • Click on the “Download” button at the end of the Post.

    Kalyan Verma

  • Yash

    Hi Kalyan,

    The weather example is really awesome. I am able to map data from static xml file from my local machine, but I am not able to get the dynamic yahoo weather url to work as in the example. If you could provide me details steps for this example it would be a great help.


  • @Yash
    I’m planning to do a video on the same. To stay connected and receive all updates, Subscribe to the email alerts.

  • anitha

    really help full

  • Shailaja

    I have some questions regarding xcelsius 2008.Can u example me regarding this?


  • Shailaja

    I have some questions regarding xcelsius 2008.Can u explain me regarding this topic?

  • Naresh

    Can I get the source XML code . Appreciate your help.

    Kind Regards,