Whats’ new in Xcelsius 2008 SP1?

I’m sure by now everyone is aware of the differences between Xcelsius 4.5 and Xcelsius 2008. Business objects recently released a Service Pack for Xcelsius 2008 (Xcelsius 2008 SP1), many of the users downloaded the SP1 and installed it but were not sure what did it change in terms of functionality of the application. The idea of this post came from a forum question. When i searched the web for Xcelsius 2008 SP1 changelog, this is what i found. Below information is from a Business Objects article:

New Features:

With Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Xcelsius® Engage 2008 and Xcelsius Engager Server 2008 software, Business Objects, an SAP company, delivers the following new features:

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Importing a Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 file into Xcelsius 2008

Xcelsius supports the ability to import a visualization created with Xcelsius
4.5. This import ability lets Xcelsius 4.5 customers upgrade their existing
visualizations to take advantage of the new features of Xcelsius 2008. Backup
your current XLF, JPEG, and external SWF files before upgrading your

Xcelsius 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 files cannot be imported into Xcelsius 2008.
To use these files in Xcelsius 2008 you must first import them into Xcelsius
4.5, then import the files into Xcelsius 2008.

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Xcelsius 2008 issue: “Problem Accessing Excel: Exiting”

Problem: Off late Xcelsius 2008 users were complaining about an issue which does not allow them to launch the application. The system returns with the Dialog box which says “Problem Accessing Excel: Exiting”. Below is a Screenshot of the same:

This issue occurs when Xcelsius is not shut down properly. Sometimes Xcelsius does not respond for a long time and then autmatically shuts down. In such scenario, when you try to launch the application again, it gives you the above error.

Fix: Open the Task Manager window and Kill all the Excel Processes running. Then try launching the application. Voila. 🙂

User Submitted Fix:

This Fix was submitted by  Ali Kashif:

  • Go to program files and find “Microsoft Office” usually found at C:\Program Files\
  • Right click on “Microsoft Office” and select security Tab.
  • Go to “Edit Security” and “Add” permission for “Every one” with full control

I know that is bit risky to allow every one full control to my office application. but i just tried and it worked .

I am not sure if steps for winXP SP3 are same or not.

Hope this helps.

Piracy Alert: soft-buy.net is Fake!

In one of recent posts about buying Xcelsius 2008 for cheap, i mentioned about a software site that is offering Xcelsius 4.5 for cheap. I eventually figured out that it is a site that deals in sofware piracy and are often home to other parts of this operation. Please ignore my advice on getting the software for cheap. I deleted that post. If you are a victim of this scam, then please report software piracy to any or all of these sites. Sincere apologies.


Widgenie: Plugin, Create and Share Data Visualization Widgets

Widgenie is a powerful online tool to create interactive data visualization widgets using the most common data sources like Excel, CSV and Google docs. Widgenie is a division of LogiXML, a company which specializes in Business Intelligence solutions. Over the weekend i was searching for online widgets for data visualization and i bumped into this interesting tool. Here is a detailed review.

They say, if you are one of the following then Widgenie is for you:

  • A blogger who wants to make their latest poll data pop right off the page
  • A marketing rep who needs to share sales figures without waiting for IT
  • A Sales manager who wants his team to update their own client data
  • A soccer coach who needs an easier way to display the most recent stats

You need to register in order to create your widgets. Once registered, login to the your account and start creating interactive Data Visualization Widgets just by few clicks.

The first step in the process is to Create a new data file. If you have something already created it will be displayed on this page. Currently Widgenie supports MS Excel and CSV formats. Google docs option is coming soon. Interesting thing is to see if one can create live widgets using Google docs, i.e. if google doc is updated will it automatically reflect in the Widget created using the same doc. The user can upload an Excel or CSV file to be used as the data source to create the widget. Once the file is uploaded it shows up in the Data Files List. In this case we are using an Excel File.

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