How to create Pop ups in Xcelsius 2008?

Ever wondered how to create pop ups in Xcelsius? Here is a short video that I recorded to demonstrate the same. I was able to achieve this using the Push Button component which is one of the new components that came along with Xcelsius SP3. Although it looks like a simple selector component , the Push Button can be very powerful when put to good use. Prior to SP3, this could have been possible with a toggle button, however it was an alternative approach rather than a straight forward one.

Xcelsius Pop Ups

Pop ups can be a great feature in Dashboards as you can save a lot of screen real estate and also shift the user focus when you want their attention to be drawn to a detail. Using pop ups you can make your dashboard even more interactive.

Video after the jump!

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Xcelsius Fix Pack 3.1 is ready for download!

I’m sure you were all excited after exploring the new features and components of Xcelsius SP3 which was released later last year. It has been more than 3 months now and SAP had decided to release a Fix Pack for it. It’s the first Fix Pack for SP3 and is called Fix Pack 3.1.  Like all other Fix Packs, you need to have Xcelsius SP3 already installed on your client machine before installing Fix Pack 3.1. If you don’t have SP3 installed, click here for instructions. Also, a word of caution while downloading the Fix Pack, make sure you download the correct version. When you go to the downloads page you will find 2 variants:

  1. Xcelsius Present 2008 Fix Pack 3.1, for Xcelsius Present version
  2. Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 Fix Pack 3.1 for Engage and Enterprise versions.

Please use the following instructions to download Xcelsius Fix Pack 3.1:

  1. Click here to launch the downloads page
  2. Click on “Get Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports Server, and Xcelsius downloads”
  3. Select Xcelsius, 2008 and Hot Fix and click search
  4. Click to download the appropriate Service Pack

Once installed, the version number should change from to

SAP had not yet published any document on fixed issues or new enhancements yet. However, we will try our best to give you our first impressions in the subsequent post. Subscribe now and you will never miss it.

Update 03/22/2010: The fixed issues PDF is out there to download.

The Scale of the Universe – Interactive Infograph

  • Click Play
  • Use the slider to Interact
  • Turn you speakers ON for added effect 🙂
  • No, it’s not created using Xcelsius!

Xcelsius Advanced Developer Workshop in Frisco, TX

xcelsius training

The first Workshop in 2009 was a huge hit and the Tickets were sold out like hot cakes. You don’t want to miss this year. With their exceptional background and experience in Xcelsius, Mike Alexander and Mico Yuk are the perfect duo to get you started and teach you some of the advanced techniques in Xcelsius 2008.

On Day 1, Mico and Mike are going to focus primarily on “Professional Dashboard Design” and “Enhancements using Excel Techniques” respectively.  Day 2 is going to be all connectivity. Mico will get you familiarize with Basic Connectivity Techniques and later Mike will delve into the Advanced Connectivity Techniques. (Full Agenda). The best part is that the last 90min is scheduled for Q&A, where participants are encouraged to ask questions related to specific projects.

And Yes, breakfast and lunch is on the house! 🙂

SAP’s Holiday Gift: Xcelsius 2008 SP3


Yes, the much awaited SP3 for Xcelsius 2008 is out there. Follow the below instructions to download and install. This is a big update from SAP. It’s more than a regular Service Pack that you’ve seen in the past. It’s not just bug fixes, it has a bunch of new features that we all were asking for ever since 2008 was released.

  1. Click here to launch the downloads page
  2. Click on “Get Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports Server, and Xcelsius downloads”
  3. Select Xcelsius, 2008 and Service Pack and click search
  4. Click to download the Service Pack

Things to note:

  • The Xcelsius SP3 is a Cumulative Service Pack not an incremental. That means, you need to uninstall the existing version of Xcelsius on your machine and then run the executable that you have downloaded.
  • While installing please keep the Key code ready. The installation will ask you to enter at at the beginning. This is the same key code that you might have received from SAP when you purchased the license.
  • Please visit the Gurus Network @ Everything Xcelsius for more updates on the new features and enhancements on SP3. (Update: Read Ryan Goodman’s Top 10 Xcelsius 2008 SP3 Enhancements! @ EE)