How to create Pop ups in Xcelsius 2008?

Ever wondered how to create pop ups in Xcelsius? Here is a short video that I recorded to demonstrate the same. I was able to achieve this using the Push Button component which is one of the new components that came along with Xcelsius SP3. Although it looks like a simple selector component , the Push Button can be very powerful when put to good use. Prior to SP3, this could have been possible with a toggle button, however it was an alternative approach rather than a straight forward one.

Xcelsius Pop Ups

Pop ups can be a great feature in Dashboards as you can save a lot of screen real estate and also shift the user focus when you want their attention to be drawn to a detail. Using pop ups you can make your dashboard even more interactive.

Video after the jump!

  • Annabelle CAUSSIN

    Thank you, now I know how I can use the Push button component. I like the solution with the “X” label to close the pop-up !

  • Bhavna Shukla

    Excellent video! Explanation is so clear with real time example! Thank you much.

  • @Annabelle @Bhavna Glad it helped you!

    • Bhikhu

      Hi Kalyan,
      I Hope u can solve my Problem.
      This is Bhikhu Rajbhar, i am user of xcelsius2008sp3. it’s really very coooooool software to visualize ur data. and i love to work on it.
      but i have problem when i am importing the .xlsx file in xcelsius, i am not getting the rows more then 65536.
      Is their any row limitation for xcelsius2008sp3 ??????????????????
      Kindly revert back asap…., it will very useful for me, if i will get ur early response.

  • Prasanth reddy

    Crystal clear! Intelligent Business Solution to conjure a Pop-up out of push button component. Thanks for the video.

  • rajen

    Thanks again for producing another excellent video tutorial. I have used the toggle button to do something similar in the past, put now will try the push button instead.

  • Thanks Guys!

    • hlep!!

      While importing any excelfile, i want those sheets to be added to my old excelfiel,in xcelsius it relplacing the previous excel files …is there any way to do so …
      Thanks in advance

  • Arvind


    Going through your work…excellent job Kalyan.

    What is the link for traffic Streetlight component. If you can share, it would be of great help.


  • Rita

    Thanks for such a nice demo. Very helpful.

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  • Amy

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by kalyanverma. kalyanverma said: How to create Pop ups in Xcelsius 2008? […]

  • Excellent video! Explanation is so clear with real time example! Thank you much.

  • this is very great!!
    thanks for the video

  • Rama Krishna Kota

    Thanks for the tip, with a clearly explained video.
    The work around is great.

    Rama Krishna Kota

  • Vinay

    Hi Kalyan, my requirement is to create a pop-up on a title of my chart(it just contains some description of the chart).
    Here is what i did:
    a) created 2 label components( One for my title and one for my pop-up)
    b) created a toggle button beneath the label component(send to back)
    c) created a push button like you did above, and configured dynamic visibility

    Now when i click on the toggle button for the first time, the pop-up appears perfectly, then i click on push button to close it. But the problem is the toggle button is now in ‘On’ position….so to have the pop-up come again i have to click it to off and then to On again(2 clicks)….any ideas? In other words…. I want to clear the toggle selection also when i click on the pop-up button.


  • @Vinay, send your example XLF to I will take a look.

  • Gourav Sengupta


    What impressed me most is yours presentation style. Clear, simple and to-the-point.

    Thanks once again.


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  • Nelson

    I dont see any video…i can only see a picture.
    What means by Video after the jump??

  • Steve Gillman

    Very nice presentation. Your pacing and timing made it easy to follow. Great idsea too!

  • Radha

    Hi Kalyan,

    Great info thanks. Well, I have created a BMI calculator and I used label as my pop up. Now, if a person’s BMI is 18, then the label should state Normal. I have referenced this label to the BMI Calculator. The problem is the label is not taking the vlookup. I am not sure what the solution is. I have tried many avenues. Could you please help me on this one? Thanks.

  • krish

    Hi Kalyan,

    It was a wonderful presentation… One quick question… Is there a way to close the Window Browser??? When we construct a dashboard and export it to BO Portal, when we click any URL if it opens in another window… I just wanna close that browser window. Are there any components in XCelsius that can sort out this issue??? Any inputs Please…

    Thanks in Advance…

  • Really nice post Kalyan!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Zahid No6

     Great work! simply Awsome

  • Anonymous


  • Raghu1708

    Thanks a lott

  • Zamiro85

    Exactly what i needed. Thanks

  • Abhinav V Sarathy

    This was great..thanx..

  • JM

    very helpful

  • Siva


  • lakshman

    awesome example on popup