Xcelsius XLF dissected!

Learn how to Extract the Xcelsius XLF file contents and tweak it to suit your requirements without even launching Xcelsius.

How to create Pop ups in Xcelsius 2008?

In this video you will learn how to create pop ups in Xcelsius 2008. Using the Push Button component in Xcelsius 2008 SP3, you can create pop ups which can be a real space saver and can add more interactivity to your dashboard.

Conditional Formatting yet again!

Thanks Srinivas and David for posting some alternatives on Conditional formatting. Sounds like good options. Here is a quick trick that can help you in situations where you don’t have dynamic targets which keep changing frequently. For example, if you have a measure that you want to show the RAG (Red, Amber and Green) status […]

Simulated Conditional Formatting part 2

Thanks again to Srinivas Dandamudi for posting the previous example on Simulating Conditional Formatting! 🙂 It works great as a brute force method, however we would need to have a total of 3 objects per cell (100 cells = 300 objects). In addition, we would have to replicate the the behaviour of each cell and […]

Reduce the Size of your XLF and SWF Files

If you are working on Large XLF files, your SWF load time might drastically increase due the number of components used and the Excel Logic that you have implemented. In order to reduce the size of your XLF file and eventually the generated SWF file, you can follow the below mentioned steps. Please note that […]