Simulating Web Search Functionality – Xcelsius Pro 4.5

In this Post, Greg Wayne, an IT Measurement Analyst at Sallie Mae and an Xcelsius 4.5 Expert, shows us how to Simulate Web Search Functionality in Xcelsius Pro 4.5. In this example I will show how we can use simple components in Xcelsius to simulate Web Search Functionality. This is actually extremely easy to do, but […]

Simulating Tool Tip functionality in Xcelsius

Often Dashboard design requirements demand functionality that does not come as a Out of box solution in Xcelsius. One such example is a tool tip. However, developers find their alternatives with the existing components and their properties. In this example I will show how we can use simple components in Xcelsius to simulate Tool Tip […]

Simulating Conditional Formatting in Xcelsius

In this Post Srinivas Dandamudi of BIR Solutions shows us how to simulate Excel conditional formatting in Xcelsius 2008. The primary component of focus here is the spreadsheet component. Note: Post edited by Kalyan Verma If you are trying to use the Spreadsheet component in Xcelsius and expecting it to function like a regular Excel […]

Webinar Archives: Creating Adobe Air Applets from Xcelsius Dashboards

One of features added as a part of Xcelsius 2008 SP1 is the ability to export the XLF model as an Adobe Air application. In case you are wondering what is Adobe Air, please visit Adobe Air page on Adobe’s website. More about Xcelsius and Adobe Air in future posts. In this Webinar Clifford Alper […]

Xcelsius Flash slide is blurry in PowerPoint.

When Xcelsius generated Flash files are initially loaded into PowerPoint, they will appear blurry. This is how PowerPoint handles a flash file in design mode since it is not an actual image. The Flash file will need to be refreshed in order to render the clear image. This can be done by slightly adjusting the […]