Add a Fullscreen Toggle to a Dashboard (Revised)

With an embeded .swf file and some simple edits to your html, you can add a fullscreen toggle to your dashboard. Tested in the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari (Button does not return from fullscreen, use Escape Key)

Create a Custom Theme

In this post, Josh demonstrates how to use mix and match components from different themes in Xcelsius.

Population Pyramids using Xcelsius

In this post we show you how to make a population pyramid with OotB Xcelsius functionality.

Xcelsius Thermometer Chart

In this post we cover the basics for making a thermometer chart with OotB Xcelsius functionality.

Creating a Custom Theme in Xcelsius

In this post, Josh Tapley explains his approach on how to create custom themes in Xcelsius by leveraging the existing out of box themes and some XML coding.