Xcelsius Thermometer Chart

In just a few quick and easy steps, you can generate a thermometer chart with out of the box Xcelsius functionality.
Here is how it looks all together with a line chart to toggle the goal line.

I’ve seen a number of thermometer chart options lately, and wanted to create something that will look like my other components and will be very easy to replicate.  To accomplish this, I have decided to use an existing progress bar component and a PNG image with transparency.

Step 1.  Get some data.

Step 2. Create a PNG image with a transparent center (or use ours)

Step 3. Insert a progress bar

Step 4. Insert Image (Overlayed)


After that, you can add an elipse with transparency to make the buble shine…

Feel free to download the source files. I have also included the PNG with transparency for creating your own thermometers.

Josh Tapley