Add a Fullscreen Toggle to a Dashboard (Revised)

With an embeded .swf file and some simple edits to your html, you can add a fullscreen toggle to your dashboard.

Tested in the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari (Button does not return from fullscreen, use Escape Key)

Recently I have found the need for both fixed size and fullscreen versions of my dashboards for different display types (conference screens vs. monitors for example). In researching fullscreen Flash buttons, I have located the following tutorial, and with a few edits, created a button that works in Xcelsius and is downloadable at the bottom of this post:

Flash Tutorial Here

By embedding this Flash file as an image, and adding the following line to the HTML code, a dashboard embedded within an HTML document may toggle between fullscreen.

Please download the attached files and let me know if there are any ways to improve this functionality!

Plus a new custom button from Heath (poster below):

Josh Tapley