Xcelsius 2008

Christmas Lights with Xcelsius

This post shows how to create Christmas lights in Xcelsius by using just a couple components. The two components used in this example are the Push Button and Play Control component. Just five formulas were written in the spreadsheet to alternate the colors and create “blinking lights”. These formulas are all based on the Data […]

Video: Sneak Peek “XWIS Anywhere”

Video: Here is a sneak peek into Antivia’s XWIS Anywhere mobile solution for Xcelsius and Web Intelligence content.

Free Excel and Xcelsius Webinars from DataPig Technologies

Free recorded webinars from DataPig technologies.

How to create a drop line chart in Xcelsius

This post demonstrates a simple way to create a drop line chart using Xcelius’s out of the box combination chart. This is a fun chart great for mixing up your routine presentation layer. What are drop lines? Simply put, drop lines are lines that extend from a data point down (or up) to the horizontal […]

Configuring Sparkline Charts in Xcelsius

Jim shows us all how to leverage configure Sparkline charts in Xcelsius 2008