Data Grid Add-On component for Xcelsius 2008!

As many of you know, by using Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex you can build your own custom components for Xcelsius 2008. Rich Heilman of recently wrote a post on his encounter with Xcelsius SDK and Adobe flex. In the process he managed to build an enhanced list view component. Many of you might […]

“CX Now!” Xcelsius for Free!

Do you know that you can download Xcelsius (Full Version) for free from BusinessObjects website? I didn’t know either till yesterday when Andy from Argentina wrote to me about an issue he had with “Xcelsius Now” not having an option to connect to XML data. I wondered which edition of Xcelsius is Andy referring to. […]

IBM Cognos 8 Go! Dashboard

Looks like everyone in the BI world wants a Drag and Drop Dashboard Builder. Here is another giant, IBM Cogono launching their Dashboard tool. They call it Go! Dashboard (Yes, the ! is intentional). Found this interesting Demo video. I will be exploring more about the core features soon. Till then get introduced by this […]

Xcelsius “Location Intelligence Component” from MapInfo

Xcelsius Custom Components are surely attracting the big players now. One among them is MapInfo. MapInfo recently announced the release of a Custom Component for Xcelsius 2008. ““Adding location intelligence to our business intelligence dashboard empowers users with a more detailed, comprehensive view of location-based information,”. “By integrating the Pitney Bowes MapInfo LIC with Xcelsius, […]

Xcelsius Web 2.0 components add-on!

Are you a Web 2.0 addict and an Xcelsius Developer at the same time? Your Prayers have been answered.  BusinessObjects labs has released an Xcelsius Add-On component pack with 6 new components. Although its a prototype, fresh out of labs and cannot be used on production environments, I think it will be a great add-on […]