Video: Trend Analyzer: Combining Data Analysis and Visualization

Often many components in Xcelsius are not used to their full potential. This may be because of the generic business requirements or lack of developers knowledge on the components repository in Xcelsius 2008. One such component is the Trend Analyzer. The Trend Analyzer combines data analysis and visualization. The component analyzes the data selection and […]

Webinar Archives: Creating Adobe Air Applets from Xcelsius Dashboards

One of features added as a part of Xcelsius 2008 SP1 is the ability to export the XLF model as an Adobe Air application. In case you are wondering what is Adobe Air, please visit Adobe Air page on Adobe’s website. More about Xcelsius and Adobe Air in future posts. In this Webinar Clifford Alper […]

Generating web services for Xcelsius using Flynet Web Service Generator

In this post David Lai, a BI Consultant and the author of explains how to generate Web Services using Flynet Web Service Generator and use the Web Services to build live Xcelsius Dashboards. For those who are using Xcelsius but without Business Objects Enterprise, you will either have to grab data from the database […]

MyAnalytics: Google Analytics on iPhone

Ever wondered how you can check your Page Views on the go? Its very rare that a full time blogger is on the move. Full time bloggers are stationary and do most of their work sitting in a shady room in the basement. Still, there might be some probloggers like Darren Rowse, who travel to […]

Widgenie: Plugin, Create and Share Data Visualization Widgets

Widgenie is a powerful online tool to create interactive data visualization widgets using the most common data sources like Excel, CSV and Google docs. Widgenie is a division of LogiXML, a company which specializes in Business Intelligence solutions. Over the weekend i was searching for online widgets for data visualization and i bumped into this […]