MyAnalytics: Google Analytics on iPhone

Ever wondered how you can check your Page Views on the go? Its very rare that a full time blogger is on the move. Full time bloggers are stationary and do most of their work sitting in a shady room in the basement. Still, there might be some probloggers like Darren Rowse, who travel to seminars, trainings etc.

For people with iPhones and need to check their web analytics on a daily basis, here is a great app available for your iPhone at $1.99. All you need is a Google Analytics account setup and running. Here are some of the features:


  • Display Google Analytics Dashboard statistics for all profiles
  • Flip through your website statistics
  • Clear and comprehensive charts of the last month’s/year’s visits
  • Support for multiple Google Analytics accounts and profiles (associated with one login)
  • Select the date range for all statistics : last day, week, two weeks, month, year

Here are some of the screen shots of the App:

myAnalytics claims that the app uses little data volume. There is no security threat since the app stores the login credentials on the iPhone and this information is sent to the server that pre-processes the XML data from Google to reduce loading times on your iPhone. This also allows the server to react to changes in Google’s export format without having to update the application. No information is retained on the app server, all data is deleted immediately after it has been sent back to your phone!

You can flip through all your profiles as you do with the pages of the homescreen. myAnayltics also allows you to display graphs for each of the statistics.

All in all its a great tool if you have an iPhone and you need to check your stats on a daily basis. Afterall its just $1.99. I think any blogger who can afford an iPhone can give it a try for that price, just to have a look at it once.

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