“CX Now!” Xcelsius for Free!

cxnowDo you know that you can download Xcelsius (Full Version) for free from BusinessObjects website? I didn’t know either till yesterday when Andy from Argentina wrote to me about an issue he had with “Xcelsius Now” not having an option to connect to XML data. I wondered which edition of Xcelsius is Andy referring to. First, I thought he was talking about Xcelsius Present, however in his replay he says it is called “CX Now”.

Yes, you can download it for free, however it’s neither of the Xcelsius 2008 editions that you see on the BusinessObjects website. It’s called “CX Now” and it based on Xcelsius 4.5 framework. As usual, because of my hyper curios mind, I googled and I found the following facts:

Note: CX Now! was never officially released, nor is it a “supported” version of Xcelsius. No patches, no updates, no free or paid support. It essentially does not exist with SAP or Business Objects.

  1. CX now is based on Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 framework
  2. You can download it here.
  3. The EXE file is just 7.33MB
  4. Has the following components
  5. Has the following Export Options
  6. No Data Connections

Its worth a look if you are planning to buy Xcelsius Present. I don’t see much of a difference in terms of functionality.