Label Based Menu Interaction Options

In this post we will review interaction options of the Label Based Menu component.

One of the nice features under the interaction options of the label based menu component is the “Expand On” feature. This turns the menu into a condensed button which when clicked or mouse over expands a list or menu similar to a web based fly menu.

This feature is great for gaining a little extra canvas space for the more important components such as the chart or indicators on the dashboard.

How to achieve:

1. On the behavior tab of the label based menu component uncheck “Always Expanded”

2. Choose whether or not you want to expand on mouse click or mouse over. I prefer mouse over.

3. Choose the direction you want to expand. For horizontal orientation you have the option to expand left or right. For vertical orientation you can choose from center down, left down, right down, center up, left up, or right up.

4. Open Animation gives an animated “Flash” feel when the menu expands.

There you have it. An easy way to gain some additional real estate on your canvas.

Please let me know if you have any questions and as always please feel free to download the source files.

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  • Ken J

    Nice. I use the label based menu all the time. Never thought to explore this. Thanks.

  • Scott Strool

    This feature is useful except for one issue. The menu does not automatically collapse when a button is selected. A property for this would make the LBM even more useful.

    • Scott Strool

      Just worked on a trick to make this work.
      Set the Title to $A$1
      Set the Data Insertion Type to label and set the destination to $A$1

      Now when a selection is made, the displaying label is the one chosen and the menu collapses.

      • That is why I use the mouse over feature so that the menu automatically collapses when a button is selected and the mouse is moved.

        I actually use the label reference that you mention in my models. I should of included in my example. Good catch.

  • Mariel

    I am using Xcelsius Enterprise v5.3.3.0 and the label menu component I am using only provides the options Left or Right for ‘Expand Direction’. Is this a custom component? Thanks!

    • Mariel – you have to choose a “vertical” orientation for other directional options. The orientation can be found on the general tab.

      Let me know if that helps

      Greg Wayne

  • Your are genius…
    Thanks for your work.

  • Tom


    Can we keep both menus interlinked to each other in away that if a label  is selected in one menu and the other moment when a label from the other menu is selected it should gain its normal(unselected) property…

    please reply 

  • Anonymous

    Yes you can. It is a 2 step process.
    1. Make sure that you bind the selected label property to the label insert of the other label based menu.

    2. Change the selection property to “Interaction Only”

    • AmyH

      I am using SAP Dashboards (the new Xcelcius) and want to do this same thing – the above description I can’t follow, possibly because the program has changed or possibly because I am too new as a user. Any chance you can describe in more detail how to link two menu based labels so only one tab can be selected between the two of them?