Label Based Menu Interaction Options

In this post we will review interaction options of the Label Based Menu component.

One of the nice features under the interaction options of the label based menu component is the “Expand On” feature. This turns the menu into a condensed button which when clicked or mouse over expands a list or menu similar to a web based fly menu.

This feature is great for gaining a little extra canvas space for the more important components such as the chart or indicators on the dashboard.

How to achieve:

1. On the behavior tab of the label based menu component uncheck “Always Expanded”

2. Choose whether or not you want to expand on mouse click or mouse over. I prefer mouse over.

3. Choose the direction you want to expand. For horizontal orientation you have the option to expand left or right. For vertical orientation you can choose from center down, left down, right down, center up, left up, or right up.

4. Open Animation gives an animated “Flash” feel when the menu expands.

There you have it. An easy way to gain some additional real estate on your canvas.

Please let me know if you have any questions and as always please feel free to download the source files.