2008 Electoral College Calculator using Crystal Xcelsius

The Presidential Fight is heating up in the Swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Experts are coming up with their own predictions and analysis. The other day i was on the Wall Street Journal website checking out the headlines. Like all other Xcelsius users, my attention was drawn to a nice looking graphic of the USA map. Eventually it turned out to be the 2008 Electoral Calculator. Its an interactive calculator which can be used to build your own scenario of who is going to win what states. The immediate thought that came to my mind was “Can i make a similar Calculator with Xcelsius 2008”. I thought of giving it a try and here is what i came up with.

This is a brief description about how i built it. Many Xcelsius developers should be able to understand. As you can see i used the USA Map component and i carefully placed the icon components over each state (Tedious work Phew…). The reason for the icons was to allow the user to click on a state and insert the relevant value in the cell corresponding to the State. I set Alerts for the states so that they display Red or Blue depending on the value inserted by the icon. The rest of the calculator is simple label components and other basic Xcelsius stuff. Most of the time was spent on the overall look and feel of the calculator.

  • Kalyan,

    A very nice implementation. There are many different ways to approach this. I developed something slightly slightly similar, called a Tally Map. You can find it on Xcelsius Journal at:


    Incidentally, you have a great Xcelsius site!

    Best Regards,


  • Kalyan Verma

    Thank you Loren,

    I was trying to acheive the same functionality as the WSJ Calculator. I’m sure there are other ways too.

    BTW, Im a big fan of yours, Thanks for the Dummies, Best Practices and Escape. XJ is an amazing resource and reference too.


  • Great minds must think alike! I had actually build a similar application for a customer, but it looks like it never saw the light of day. It really shows the value for building calculator applications. The blog looks great.

  • Kalyan Verma

    Thanks Ryan,

    This is Awesome, 2 of my favorite and by far the heavyweights in Xcelsius appreciating on the same day. I consider myself lucky.

    Yes, i agree, with some basic Excel logic and Xcelsius components one can easily build cool calculators and utilities.

    Kalyan Verma

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  • Praveen MG


    Am a BOBJ Professional.

    Currently am plan to get more knowledge in Crystal xcelsius Dashboard.
    I Saw the “Yahoo Election08 Political Dashboard” (12ways topickyour new President ), its really amazing.
    and also am wondering, when i move the mouse over the city in the map , it is popup a menus with image and same progress bar also.

    can you help me on this … what kind of compenent of xcelsius was used here.


  • @Praveen:

    Thanks. Although Xcelsius has great features to represent data visually, some minor beautification elements are missing. One of them is the tool tip function when hovered over a map component. This is there in Charts, but I would like to see this feature extended to Maps and other components too.

    The Yahoo Electoral Dashboard is from Yahoo, it was not built using Xcelsius. I compiled all those dashboards since I focus on Visual Data Analytics, it need not be Xcelsius Visualizations. However if you go to the Showcase page and click on the Electoral Map, that was built using Xcelsius and it does not have the tool tip feature as yahoo and other dashboards.

    Good luck for your Xcelsius Endeavor. Let me know if you need any help.

    Kalyan Verma

  • R Ghosh

    Hi Kalyan

    This is a cool dashboard. Is it possible for you to share the techniques that you have used?


  • hafiz

    would u be able to share the actual working file sir