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The gurus at EverythingXcelsius.com are gearing up for a 2 part Webinar series on Xcelsius Data Connectivity. Part 1 will cover the BO Enterprise connectivity and Part 2 the Non BO piece. Two of the best in Xcelsius, Ryan Goodman and Mico Yuk are going to present the Webinar. Part 1 was conducted today and it was extremely helpful. Especially if you are a BO Enterprise shop and searching for a best way to develop and deploy Live Dashboards using Xcelsius, Live Office and QaaWS (Query as a Web Service).

Excerpt from today’s Webinar:

Mico Started off with a brief intro and Ryan explained the Live Office connectivity option. Later Mico continued with the QaaWS data connection. Both the walk throughs had DOs and DONTs which were valuable Nuggets for anyone with a BOE shop. Mico also demonstrated the new 3.1 QaaWS interface and highlighted the differences between 3.1 and R2 versions of the tool.

If you are not a BOE shop and would like to know other data connectivity options available in Xcelsius for External Data Sources, then you don’t want to miss Part 2 of the series. Click here for more information.

Click Here for a recorded version of Part 1.

Click here to register for Part 2

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    Oopps.forgot to mention that was a link to quick review of the webinar we did last week – http://bit.ly/UfJLO

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    Webinar Update http://bit.ly/2ySOGr