Xcelsius 4.5

“Server is Busy” or “Protected” error in Xcelsius

Although not that frequent with Xeclsius 2008, this error is still bothering some Xcelsius 4.5 users. Excel Add-Ins might be a possible cause for this issue. Add-In files might launch multiple instances of Excel which might be conflicting with Xcelsius. Before deleting the Add-In XLA files or fiddling with the registry, I would recommend you […]

Importing a Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 file into Xcelsius 2008

Xcelsius supports the ability to import a visualization created with Xcelsius 4.5. This import ability lets Xcelsius 4.5 customers upgrade their existing visualizations to take advantage of the new features of Xcelsius 2008. Backup your current XLF, JPEG, and external SWF files before upgrading your visualization. Xcelsius 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 files cannot be imported […]

Piracy Alert: soft-buy.net is Fake!

In one of recent posts about buying Xcelsius 2008 for cheap, i mentioned about a software site that is offering Xcelsius 4.5 for cheap. I eventually figured out that it is a site that deals in sofware piracy and are often home to other parts of this operation. Please ignore my advice on getting the software for cheap. […]

Dashboard of the Week: MarkLogic Performance Monitor dashboards

MarkLogic Performance Dashboard is one of the featured dashboards on Xcelsius Xchange. The below description is straight from Xcelsius Xchange website. I found it very interesting so thought of sharing with you all. Mark Logic Corporation is a Technology Partner of Business Objects, An SAP Company. Mark Logic uses Xcelsius to create interactive performance dashboards […]