Dashboard of the Week: MarkLogic Performance Monitor dashboards

MarkLogic Performance Dashboard is one of the featured dashboards on Xcelsius Xchange. The below description is straight from Xcelsius Xchange website. I found it very interesting so thought of sharing with you all.

Mark Logic Corporation is a Technology Partner of Business Objects, An SAP Company.

Mark Logic uses Xcelsius to create interactive performance dashboards leveraging its strong visualization capabilities. These visualization capabilities provide administrators with a succinct performance overview of a MarkLogic Server cluster.

From there, an administrator can zero in on any performance related issues quickly and easily. Additionally, Xcelsius’ XML capabilities facilitated rapid integration with MarkLogic. These capabilities also enable creation of Xcelsius generated dashboards that provide insight into content stored in MarkLogic in an intuitive and easy to use fashion and enhance the existing administrative interfaces available with the product. This download (and other open source MarkLogic downloads) is also available at the MarkLogic Developer website.

Mark Logic Corporation is a leading provider of information access and delivery solutions used by publishers, government agencies, and other large enterprises. The company’s flagship product, MarkLogic Server, is an XML content platform that includes a unique set of capabilities to store, aggregate, enrich, search, navigate, and dynamically deliver content. To learn more about Mark Logic, or to download a free community edition of MarkLogic Server, go to the MarkLogic website.

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