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Ranking in SAP Dashboards

Learn how to create ranking in Excel with supported formulas in SAP Dashboards!

The future of Interactive Dashboards!

WOW! I want one! Just tell me where to buy? Is this the future of Interactive Dashboards? These were the questions that popped up in my mind when I saw CNN correspondent John King picking and poking at a giant LCD touchscreen with the CNN electoral map on it. The interaction was so smooth that […]

If the World Could Vote: Electoral Map of the World

In an Earlier post “Interactive Electoral Maps: 12 ways to Pick your new President” I wrote about different electoral maps that you can use to pick the next president of the United States. They were some of the best flash based graphics that a user can interact by clicking, sliding etc and changing the vote […]

Interactive Electoral Maps: 12 ways to Pick your new President

If you are one of those people who follow the presidential elections closely, then this one is for you. In one of my recent posts on 2008 Electoral College Calculator using Crystal Xcelsius, I developed a tool to predict the next president of the United States. The user can click on the individual states and […]

Dashboard of the Week: MarkLogic Performance Monitor dashboards

MarkLogic Performance Dashboard is one of the featured dashboards on Xcelsius Xchange. The below description is straight from Xcelsius Xchange website. I found it very interesting so thought of sharing with you all. Mark Logic Corporation is a Technology Partner of Business Objects, An SAP Company. Mark Logic uses Xcelsius to create interactive performance dashboards […]