Add Ons

Data Grid Add-On component for Xcelsius 2008!

As many of you know, by using Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex you can build your own custom components for Xcelsius 2008. Rich Heilman of recently wrote a post on his encounter with Xcelsius SDK and Adobe flex. In the process he managed to build an enhanced list view component. Many of you might […]

Introducing the Xcelsius Web Intelligence Integration Suite

In this post, Mark Hudson from Antivia, introduces us to the new Xcelsius Add-On: “ Xcelsius Web Intelligence Integration Suite” As David Lai mentioned in his recent comparison of Xcelsius with QlikView, one of the issues with Xcelsius is how difficult it is to get enterprise data into it. As a long-standing Business Objects Technology Partner we saw […]

Xcelsius Add-On wish list Item #1

Starting Xcelsius 2008, one can create and add custom components (A.K.A. Add-Ons) to the existing out-of-box repository of components with the help of Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex. Last year, I conducted a survey for Xcelsius Add-Ons wish list. This series is all about  elaborating on the results of that survey. One of the desirable […]

Manage Add Ons in Xcelsius 2008

Using Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex, you can create custom components for Xcelsius 2008. Here is a short video on How to manage add ons in Xcelsius 2008.

Xcelsius “Location Intelligence Component” from MapInfo

Xcelsius Custom Components are surely attracting the big players now. One among them is MapInfo. MapInfo recently announced the release of a Custom Component for Xcelsius 2008. ““Adding location intelligence to our business intelligence dashboard empowers users with a more detailed, comprehensive view of location-based information,”. “By integrating the Pitney Bowes MapInfo LIC with Xcelsius, […]