Xcelsius Add-On wish list Item #1

Starting Xcelsius 2008, one can create and add custom components (A.K.A. Add-Ons) to the existing out-of-box repository of components with the help of Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex. Last year, I conducted a survey for Xcelsius Add-Ons wish list. This series is all about  elaborating on the results of that survey.

One of the desirable Add-On components was this Visual Graph. The Visual Graph is a Flex Component for visualizing data. The component makes it possible to show complex data structures in visual way. It uses Interfaces which are easy to adapt for your own needs. You can implement your own algorithms. Choose the layout option “Force Directed” for moving the notes of the graph with the mouse. All depending knots and leaves moving to their new position like pulled on a rubber band. Play with the options on the left. The transformations from one mode to the other are very smooth.

Although many Xcelsius Developers do not have Flex Expertise and Vice Versa, it would be great to see companies like Centigon and Antivia to come up with such components.

Click here for a full blown version

  • Xcelsius Add-On wish list Item #1 http://tinyurl.com/dfq4zo

  • donald

    There is a visual graph component in the Web 2.0 collection of add-ons for X2008 which the SAP BusinessObjects Labs release just before the new year (download from http://labs.businessobjects.com).

    Other add-ons as examples of what is possible are available at http://xcomponents.blogspot.com

  • Thanks for the info Donald.

  • very nice thanks

  • Vince

    Has this visual graph ever been made into an Xcelsius object?…if so, where might I find it? I also reviewed the web20 add-on release; the spring graph is somewhat similar, but I was only able to view a demo, not download the release. Any ideas where I might find a dynamic heirarchy graph like these?

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