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Passing Data From a Parent to Child SWF (Data Sharer Component)

In my previous post I demonstrated how to pass data from a parent to child SWF with the use of Flash Variables and the SWF Loader component. Today, I’m going to demonstrate how to accomplish the same functionality leveraging a free add-on component from Inovista.com called the “Data Sharer”. One of the noticeable difference in […]

Xcelsius Add-On wish list Item #1

Starting Xcelsius 2008, one can create and add custom components (A.K.A. Add-Ons) to the existing out-of-box repository of components with the help of Xcelsius SDK and Adobe Flex. Last year, I conducted a survey for Xcelsius Add-Ons wish list. This series is all about  elaborating on the results of that survey. One of the desirable […]

Xcelsius Custom Component Wishlist!

One of the major benifits in CX 2008 is leverage the SDK and build custom components using Adobe Flex. This will enable users to create and use their own custom components in CX 2008. For example, many users wanted a Tree Component which is not an Out of Box component in CX 2008. However using […]