Xcelsius SCN Challenge: Vancouver 2010 Vizualization

Recently I bumped into one of the Tweets which redirected me to this post on SCN. Jason Cao from SAP has challenged the Xcelsius community to come up with their own Visualization. He provided a sample data of a community poll results in which users took a poll on “What is your favorite Winter Olympic sport to follow?”. Although the data was only sufficient for a single chart, it threw an interesting challenge at the Xcelsius developer community to make it look more interesting.

Finally after 4 weeks, I got a breather from work to work on something interesting. However, I overlooked the deadline for submission and was late in submitting my version. Jason was kind enough to accept submissions after the deadline date, but to keep it fair the submissions made after the deadline will not be included in the competition but will be showcased on the challenge page.

I browsed through all the approved visualizations and found very few interesting. The idea was to improvise the chart, not to build a whole new dashboard on the Vancouver Olympics. I liked the enthusiasm and interest that the community members showed to make their mark. The idea was to take the minimum data provided and make it look more interesting and intuitive.

Here is what I came up with. Your comments, Suggestions and Criticism will be well received. Please use the comments section to shout it out.

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  • Jim Brogden

    Below were the basic rules.

    1. One entry per member.
    2. Must incorporate poll results below.
    3. Must use Xcelsius to build chart.
    4. Optional: Add any other Olympics-related data or fancy add-ons to your Xcelsius presentation.

    • @Jim, even with the optional Olympic related data, I still found only few interesting…One among those is yours…;)

  • Josh Tapley

    Seems like it would have been a fun challenge to participate in and I’m surprised that the dashboards weren’t more impressive.

    How about you sponsor a similar challenge on your site for bragging rights?

    • @Josh…sounds interesting, I will have to come up with some challenging data to get the participants thinking…Thanks for the suggestion, I will work on it.

  • Rajen

    Have you decided when you will plan to do the challenge yet? How about setting up a vote to get the opinions of your readers?

  • Raj

    Hi Kalyan

    This one is a really cool dashboard, and i also have a similar kind of requirement. just wanted to know How can i add those charts buttons on the top in my dashboard..


  • nihar m

    Hi Kalyan,

    This is an interesting dashboard, appreciate your work. I like the way you implemented different icons at the end of bar or line charts.

    Can you please share the xlf if possible @ niharm05@gmail.com