Create an Xcelsius 2008 dashboard bound to Live Office data (using prompt)

In an Earlier series on Live Dashboards using BO LiveOffice, Muhammed Ismail walked us through the steps for creating Live Dashboards. This post is a small Nugget from that series. Here, Muhammed describes about using Prompts from Xcelsius, to get the data from the Universe and use the same in creating live dashboards.

The article discussed below shows countries in various regions that participated in a survey.  The live data is fed from the Business Objects universe; in this example we are passing region as prompt value to get the countries from the universe. The countries returned are then shown in green.

Create an Xcelsius dashboard by dragging and dropping the components you need.

Xcelsius LiveOffice1

Import Excel model to Xcelsius selecting “Data”, “Import”


The Excel model can be specified by selecting the Excel Live Office document that was created earlier with the Business Objects Universe data.


Add the “Live Office Connector” from “Data”, “Connections”


Click on “Add”, “Live Office Connections”.

Xcelsius LiveOffice5

Ensure the session URL is correct and the data grid populates the cells you are going to use in the visualization.

In the “Usage” Tab select “Refresh on Load” to load the latest Live Office data when the Xcelsius file loads.

Xcelsius LiveOffice6

Bind the Connection Refresh Button to LiveOffice connector.


To pass prompt value, we use an Input component from Xcelsius 2008. Ensure that you select the LiveOffice prompt value cell from excel.


Export the Xcelsius dashboard to Infoview by selecting “File”, “Export”, “BusinessObjects Platform”


Save the Xcelsius flash file in Infoview by navigating to the relevant folder after logging into the Business Objects Infoview with your credentials.


Below is the dashboard in Business Objects Infoview getting live data from the BO universe; Depending on the region given, the countries will get updated and will be showed in green. Similarly a scorecard or dashboard can be populated with live data.

Xcelsius LiveOffice11

  • siru

    We have created Dashboard using Live Office in Xcelsius 2008. In Dashboard we have drop down option we can select Client’s Name. We have Row Level Security in Universe As well for every client. When we logged in through the one of the Client ID .Instead of Getting only particular client’s name. we are getting all other client’s name .Every client has option to select other client’s name.We want when client log they have their Option to select


  • BO-blur

    Hi experts,

    I’m working on Xcelsius 2008 and I’m using QaaWS to connect to my universe to pull the data.

    Assuming at this point of time, my database contains 20 rows of data(e.g. 20 Store Name), I will format my column chart to pick up the 20rows in the worksheet embedded.

    The question that I have now is:
    What happen if my data expands to 30 rows? I will not be able to see the last 10 rows in the chart unless I modify the data range, am I right?

    Other than selecting more rows in Excel for the data binding (and then Ignore End Blanks), what else can I do if I totally do not have any idea how big my data will grow?

    Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

  • Hi,
    While designing a solution like this:

    You could specify in your QAAWS query which only grabs a certain criteria, you could pass that as a parameter to get a result back.

    • BO-blur

      I’m not quite sure I know what you mean. But could you provide an example, please?

      Thanks a million.

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  • nathan

    I have a request. The dashboard has a list of customers and I want the users to be able to select a customer and see the data. I also want a ‘global’ view – ie, if the user wants all the data for all customers s/he should be able to see it.
    I am using live office and xcelsius 2008 – Many thanks in advance

  • emerson

    Good morning
    i try to have several prompt in xcelsius 2008. I can have one but not several. how i can do it?
    I try to take the data from webi by live office. in live office i have some prompts of webi report. But i don’t know how in the connection of xcelsius how i can have several prompts in xcelsius please help me.

  • emerson

    i have a second problem when i try to have the data of webi in excel by live office i have a message which tell me to way because a another application is running.
    to stop it i click ok often and after 5 minutes i have the results.

  • Nickie

    Any one able to figure out how to have multiple prompts in Dashboard using webireport connecting through Live Office?

    Thanks in Advance.


  • mahbubur Rahman

    I amk novice at this. can you recommend some more hands on articale or example.


  • How many crystal reports/object can be connected with Xcelsius using Live Office??

    Please Reply me.

    -Harshil Joshi
    SAP BO BI Developer

  • Krishnachaitanyakasturi83

    can i have the sample dashboard for this to download or can you send it to krishnachaitanyakasturi83@gmail:disqus 
    .com if possible.  when i used the input text is not getting passed to the prompt of the report