Part II: Live Dashboards using BO LiveOffice – Creating a LiveOffice Document and connect it to BusinessObjects Universe data

This is Part II of the “Live Dashboards using BO LiveOffice” Series. In Part I, Kalyan Verma Introduces LiveOffice and its connection with Xcelsius 2008. In this post Muhammed Ismail, walks us through the steps on “How to Create a LiveOffice Document and connect it to BusinessObjects Universe data”.

To create Live Office document first open the formatted Excel template. Set the BO Enterprise credentials by selecting Live Office, Options from MS Excel.

LiveOffice Xcelsius

Logon to BO Enterprise by selecting Enterprise Tab and put the BO Logon credentials

LiveOffice Xcelsius

Create a New Live Office query from “Live Office”, “Insert”, “New Query”

LiveOffice Xcelsius

Choose the BO universe that has the data for the Live Office document.

LiveOffice Xcelsius

Select the objects you wish to show in your Live Office document. In this example we are trying to show countries of a specific region.

LiveOffice Xcelsius

Select a prompt value that will be passed in the Live Office document.
For e.g.: passing Asia will give all the countries in the Asia Region.
LiveOffice Xcelsius

Save the Live Office object. Please note Live Office object is different from Live Office document.

LiveOffice Xcelsius

A list of countries and region from the BO universe will be inserted to the Excel file.
Bind a cell to change the Input parameter by selecting the Prompts tab from “Properties For All Objects”.
LiveOffice Xcelsius

Select the “Prompt Value” button to set the cell location

LiveOffice Xcelsius

“Choose Excel data range” using the data icon button.

LiveOffice Xcelsius

Verify the prompt value cell is bound to Excel by looking at “Selected Value”

LiveOffice Xcelsius

This concludes Part II of the Series. In Part III, I will describe “How to bind LiveOffice data to Xcelsius Components and create a live Dashboard”. If you have any questions related to the above post, please leave a comment or eMail me.

  • Rajani

    Hi can you please let me know how to enable the live office button in excel? i am using Ms office 2007 version.

  • Locate the enable_addin.exe utility

    It is usually usually located at C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise*\Live Office*\enable_addin.exe

    Double-click enable_addin.exe select the Microsoft Office 2007 application for which you want to enable the Live Office Add-In and click OK.

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  • Adil Majeed

    Hi, I just want to know how to get the prompt if the report is saved in a schedule mode and we need to filter the data based on the last report saved (it means we have the report schedule and the data is cached. We dont want to hit the database based on the filtered criteria set at XCelsius). Why i am asking this question, because if you have a large DB then its difficult to get the data at the earliest, as the response time will be slow through the DB. Please help me out from this, if you need any clarification, please dont hesitiate to ask me.

  • Venkat Reddy

    I am unable to add LIVE OFFICE connection in XCELSIUS dashboard. Opened Data Manager in Xcelcius -> clicked on add -> Live Office Connections. Nothing happens!
    Shouldnt I see my existing live office connection here? pls help.

  • Rafeeq


    A predefined filter “Region’ has been used instead of using the “Region” object and then selecting prompt. If predefined filter is used then the next screen shown does not appear for filters, so a new screen should be added without predefined filter .


  • samir

    bonjour mohamed et merci beaucoup pour cet documentation:
    en effet, je vouderais te demander si t’a une documentation sur BO live office ,
    par ce que la je vais travailler sur un projet de ce genre ,

  • FoxerX

    Excuse me. Does somebody know how to define an actual Expert Avisor from bad and a clear signal from fraudulent? thank you

  • Thiago Albieri

    I can´t connect Xcelsius to Live Office probably because I have not taken the right softwares.

    Could you please send me the links to download the Live Office and BO ?

    Thank you Very much!

  • Gihan

    Thanks alot for the very elaborative tutorial.

    But I was wondering what are the right liscenses that an organization has to acquire to in order to incorporate LiveOffice in the environment.

    Right now the organization has BO Enterprise R2

  • Gihan

    Also I want to ask if LiveOffice is to be purchased alone or as a add-in for BO.

    Thanks Alot.

  • paul raeburn

    Dear All,
    I am trying to connect xcelsius to a webi report… once I have that connection I would like to be able to refresh the data in xcelsius…

    how can this be achieved?


  • Siva

    I cant see live office option in excel sheet. I am using office 2003. Also, please help me on “what do you mean by formatted excel sheet”

    • Siva

      If I am not wrong, we may need to install live office in the local machine (As per the Part 1).

  • We are using XIR2 SP5 and the license is of BO Premium (Does not require anything on server side, i suppose). When trying to connect from my PC to server the “Validation fails”. What else do i have to ensure to access live data?